Free Products and In-Services for requesting estimates!
SAVEmedical would appreciate the opportunity to prove that we can save you money and give you extra services. The best way we know of is to send you an estimate. We offer tens of thousands of products from manufacturers like Skil-Care, Smart Caregiver, Drive Medical, Invacare, and Health o meter. We sell everything your facility might need, from wheelchairs to anti-rollbacks, fall alarms to fall mats, clocks to scales to beds. We provide the same selection of products you might get from AliMed, Direct Supply, or McKesson, but do so with personal service and lower prices. You can contact us via email at, by phone 24 hours a day at 888-286-3494, by fax at 888-286-6155, or here on our website.

We would like to send you a quote and show you what we can do for you, so we're providing you with a special offer: free products and in-services just for requesting estimates! Simply request estimates from us, and whether you buy the products from SAVEmedical or another company, you get your choice of the below prizes, depending on the total value of what you've purchased from the estimates.

Free Products and In-Services for requesting estimates!
Regular Price
Estimate Value
Smart TL-2800 Motion Sensor and Receiver $27.93
Fall Prevention In-Service
Golf at 2014 MCMCFC
SM2-2 Anti-Rollback
In-Service by Sylvia Bennett RN BSN
Decreasing Psychotropic Medication
In-Service by Sylvia Bennett RN BSN
$200/day $4000
Wound Care
In-Service by Sylvia Bennett RN BSN
$200/day $4000
Talley Venturi NPWT Pump Rental
Grouper by Johnny Weismuller
Sharks by Johnny Weismuller

While supplies last; subject to product availability. Prize available even if purchased from another company, but purchase must be made from
either company by June 1, 2014 to qualify. Promotion ends May 15, 2014.

Our dedicated and experienced staff members will be contacting you in the coming weeks to see how SAVEmedical can work with you to provide products and services for less money than our competition, with better customer service. We believe we can help you, and we're looking forward to proving it.
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