Fall Prevention
At SAVEmedical, we're dedicated to preventing never events in your facility. We specialize in fall prevention, and we've performed over 300 in-services in the last 12 years! Our customers have reported fewer falls in the months following, so why not schedule a free in-service today? Just call (888)286-3494, or email jim@savemedical.net.

We can also show you other resident products, such as low air loss mattresses and foam mattresses, wheelchair cushions and heel protection. We may be able to show you a new product that can help you better serve your residents. If you like what you see, you can try it free for a month!
Free Alarm Pads
  • You get a free bed pad.
  • You get a free chair pad.
  • Just call and we'll send you one of each!
Outline of Fall Prevention In-Service
    1. How caregivers can prevent falls:
      1. Ask questions of resident.
      2. Know who is at greatest risk.
      3. Ask about PPFF (Pain, Potty, Fluids and Foods).
    1. When you should not use any products:
      1. Alarms sometimes cause someone to get up.
      2. Potentially dangerous.
    1. Things you want me to talk about:
      1. From nursing and maintenance supervisors.
      2. From restorative and PT departments.
        1. Problems you’ve had.
        2. Things you are worried about happening.
    1. Know how to use your present products better:
      1. Location! Location! Location!
      2. Proper product for resident.
    1. What problems do you have with present products?
      1. Resident disarms.
      2. False alarms.
      3. Product Malfunction
    1. New Products:
      1. Anti-rollbacks
      2. Under the mattress!
    1. Questions and answers.
Use of a control unit for 30 days
  • Easy to use and dependable.
  • One of the first and the best on the market.
  • No shipping costs.
Free trial of low air loss beds
  • Just call and we will send you one for free (including shipping).
  • Why spend $10 a day for 30 days when we will send you one for free for 30 days?!
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