Free Med-Mizer Bed Trial
Is your facility considering purchasing a bed at any time in the next year? Then give us a call at (888) 286-3494 or email us and let us show you what SAVEmedical and Med-Mizer can do for you. Our President, Jim Bonetti, and Med-Mizer representative Brian Higgins, will personally bring a bed of your choice to your facility and leave it for a month for you to try! There's no cost or risk to you.

Whether it's the revolutionary new Pivot-Rehab 1000 or the extraordinary Retractabed, Med-Mizer and SAVEmedical can provide you with a bed that's safer for your residents and easier for your caregivers, at a price that's signicantly lower than our competitors'. Call or email SAVEmedical today!
Med-Mizer Rectractabed
In a non-retractable bed, the residents place themselves in a dangerous position of stretching out over the bed to answer the telephone, reach for glasses, or for a glass of water. Thus, normal resident movements are a constant threat to resident safety. The RectractaBed will significantly reduce these dangers to residents.

When the one button Auto Contour position is actuated, the head section of the bed hugs the wall, thus keeping the resident in proximity to the bedside cabinet and overhead lighting.

The independence offered by the RetractaBed® gives the resident complete control of the resident-room environment. This sophisticated retraction feature is the solution to present and future facility personnel shortages.

  • 80×35 Inch Sleep Dock
  • High Low Functioning
  • Head Functioning
  • Knee Functioning
  • Clinical Contour™
  • Med Support Arms w/ Embedded Controls
  • Functional Lockouts
  • Therapeutic Foot Rack
  • Standard Head & Foot Boards
  • Wall Bumpers

Med-Mizer Pivot-Rehab 1000
The revolutionary Pivot-Rehab 1000 is a bed like no other. Capable of operating as a completely functional bed, at the press of a button, it raises the resident into a sitting position, transforming into a chair! Another press, and the bed can lift the resident nearly to a standing position.

No other bed on the market has the Pivot-Rehab 1000's combination of safety, convenience, and functionality. If your facility is considering purchasing a rehab bed any time in the next year, call or email us now, and arrange for a free demonstration and trial of the unique Pivot-Rehab 1000!

  • Low Bed for Patient Safety
  • Restraint Free Pivoting Assist Bars
  • Dual Sided Embedded Controls
  • 4 Total-Lock Hospital-Grade 5" Casters
  • Wall Bumpers
  • Functional Lockouts
  • Therapeutic Foot Rack
  • Special Ergonomic Assisting Bars that stow away
  • Unique rolling head section
  • Box tubular steel construction
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