An Introduction to SAVEmedical
Hello. I’m Jim Bonetti with SAVEmedical. Thank you very much for stopping by our website today. What is SAVEmedical? Simply put, SAVEmedical is a distributor of most everything that you see in a nursing home. We carry wheelchairs, and wheelchair parts. We carry beds, and mattresses. We carry everything for fall prevention, everything for your restorative and rehab departments, and we even carry some furniture. In other words, we would like to be your one-stop shopping for your nursing home needs.

This last year has been one of the most exciting times in SAVEmedical’s history. We’ve added 50 new manufacturers to the SAVEmedical family, and some of the older manufacturers that we’ve been working with for many years have lowered their prices to us in 2011, people like Skil-Care, Invacare, and even Drive Medical have lowered their prices to us, so that we can lower them to you.

We’ve added to our staff some of the most experienced employees that we’ve ever had in SAVEmedical’s history. Earl has revamped our website and our computer system so we can serve you better. Lori has been a Director of Nursing, she’s been an Administrator of a nursing home, and with her 20 years of experience, she’s going to help us S.E.E. you in the future.

S.E.E.: that’s been our battle cry. "S" is for Saving you money, "E" is for being Easy to work with, and the other "E" is for Extra services. This is what we feel we do better than any of the competition out there. Better than Direct Supply, better than Sammons Preston, better than Ali-Med. We can do these three things better for you, and we hope that we can earn your business.

Save you money.
That’s the easy one: just ask us for a quote. Ask us for a quote, and most of the time, we will save you money over anyone on the market today. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been saving nursing homes money for over 20 years. Two decades ago, Talley Medical and myself were two of the only companies out there that would sell you low air loss mattresses. Most everyone else would just rent them to you. We would rent them, and we’d rent them for half the price, but we could save you thousands of dollars by selling you low air loss mattresses back 20 years ago.

20 years later, Talley Medical and SAVEmedical are still working together today. We also carry those same products, however we also carry a Wound VAC that we can not only save you thousands of dollars but tens of thousands of dollars by allowing you to purchase the Wound VAC versus just renting it. So please give us an opportunity so we can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Easy to work with.
We’ve got the new computer system so that we’re able to give you quotes faster, we can tell you what you’ve ordered in the past faster, and we can track your shipments. In most cases, you can order something today and it will get shipped out today. We’re also very easy to work with because we allow you to order any way that you want: you can order through our website, by email, with a fax, or over the phone. Whatever is easiest for you, that’s how we want to work it for you.

Extra services.
Well, that’s something that we feel that SAVEmedical and myself that we’ve been best at for the last 20 years. We have done over 200 fall prevention in-services, and when we’re done with the in-services, we receive positive feedback that the residents have had fewer falls after we left. That’s all we can ask. We also bring in some of the many manufacturers with us so that we can serve you better. Roger Bauer of Skil-Care, Jim Wylie of Span America, Brian Higgins of Med-Mizer, they will come with me and show you the products, they’ll allow you to sit on them, lay on them, and even keep them for a while so you can trial the product before you buy it. And we’ll be able to work with you on anything that you’d like to take a look at, we can help you with that. A special thank you to Jim Wylie for the past 12 years: you’ve been a mentor toward me and thank you very much, Jim.

So, we save you money, we’re easy to work with, and we give you extra services. If you’ve never tried us before, please give us the opportunity to prove these things: just ask us for a quote. If you’ve tried us before, would you please give us another opportunity: I think you’ll like the changes that we have made at SAVEmedical. We would love to come to your facility, to show you how we can do these things.

And actually, we can show you some actual invoices of how we can save you money, and how we’ve saved money to other nursing homes in the past. On the back of the invoice, I’ve written down the item number, the page number, of what you would have paid if you would have gone with the competition. But we will save you money, and give you a lot of extra services.

We’ll also be able to show you things that some of these companies cannot carry for you, things like lifts, and stands, and whirlpool tubs and signs, things that are labor-intensive that you need us to be there that they cannot do for you the way that we can do for you.

So please give us an opportunity to show you some of the new products that we can help you out with and, until then, this is Jim Bonetti with SAVEmedical. Thank you very much for stopping by our website, and I’m looking forward to working with you. Thank you.
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