A Special Thank You from the Bonetti Family
I just want to say thank you, from myself and our family, to Marquette County Medical Facility, Eastwood Nursing Home, and Mather Nursing Home. You took care of our parents, until the end. You took care of us, and our family. My father, Guido Bonetti, you treated with respect, and that was his number one priority, and you knew that. You treated my mother with dignity, and that was her number one priority, and you knew that, and you did it, and thank you. You treated us all very well, and we really appreciated it.

Ever since then, Iíve noticed, as I go around to the different nursing homes, throughout Michigan and northern Indiana. I was thinking that we were special there, and you guys made us feel special, but everyone does it! Itís just amazing, in nursing homes, how in awe I am of how good you all are to the families and to the residents.

And itís not just the nursing staff; I used to think it was just them, but Iíve seen Bill in Maintenance shadow-boxing with the men and flirting with the ladies, and Iíve seen Beth in Shipping and Gloria in Central Supply, and theyíll get together and have a bake sale when a residentís family member isnít doing so well. Thatís just amazing. Besides doing your regular jobs on your own time, you help out and you do things for the residents. You guys are just amazing.

So I just would like to say a special thank you to all the nursing homes out there. Thank you for treating our families, and the members of our greatest generation, with respect, and dignity, and with love. Thank you from all of us: we really appreciate what you do for us.
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